Expanding upon Elon Musk’s view of polarization in cartoon form

Beau Dure
5 min readMay 23, 2022

Elon Musk recently explained his political evolution with, of course, a tweet:

His view that “woke progressives” have arisen over the last 15 years and have become a minor menace isn’t wrong. Ironically, they’re using his favored medium.

But his view is, shall we say, a bit oversimplified. As annoying as “woke progressives” can be, his diagram omits quite a few groups who are considerably more dangerous. People who want to deny the existence of LGBTQ humans are more of a threat to society than a bunch of left-wing meanies who take out their insecurities by scouring Twitter in search of people to cyberbully.

So let’s take a deeper look, one that I hope will help Elon and anyone else of a like mind understand what has happened in US politics and society since those halcyon days when we elected a Black center-left president who represented this country without embarrassment on the world stage and did not usher in the Islamofascist-socialist paradise his detractors feared.

Ah … two honorable people running for president. The fringes are more or less out of the power structure.

Sarah Palin? Who? Well, that changes things a bit.

Mitt Romney’s a decent human being and all, but who are these historical re-enactors ranting about the government?

And here comes the woke brigade! Now they can argue with people on an increasingly unpleasant social medium.



Beau Dure

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