Facebook is dying.

YouTube is dying.

Except that they're the two most useful sites for sharing information that isn't a 30-second reel of someone dancing to either a modern pop song or a classic rock song, the latter ironically or unironically.

Look, Zoomers -- Gen X is grown up, and we have stuff to do. We need Facebook's groups. We have our friends scattered all over the world, and we want a place where we can share the latest clip of little Caleb or Madison scoring a goal or playing a drum solo with such friends without spamming everyone's email.

If you think Facebook and YouTube suck, here's a solution.

Invent something that's fucking BETTER.

Instagram is not better. TikTok is not better. Snapchat was never better. (Does that still exist.) They're different tools for different purposes.

So do something productive instead of trying to out-hip Gen X. You'll never outhip Gen X, anyway. We had music on MTV. You have Ridiculousness. Sorry about that, but you choose to watch that shit, so there you go.



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Beau Dure

Author of sports books, slayer of false narratives, player of music