Things that deserve more than a tweet, 5/29/22

Beau Dure
5 min readMay 30, 2022
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A periodic look at links that I could’ve shared on Twitter but I’m trying to cut back on Twitter.

It’s hard to imagine a week filled with more anger and sadness than this one.

Tragedies such as the Uvalde shooting are compounded by the excuses and the deflection of blame. We’re used to it in terms of gun policy. This time around, we’re seeing it with the police.

In a just world, this would be the end of the “good guy with a gun” myth. Jordan Klepper already tore apart that notion with a memorable bit on The Daily Show in which he underwent some training and still made an absolute mess of things in active-shooter drills.

This time around, we actually had some “good guys with a gun.” A lot of them. And they stood outside while kids kept calling 911 and pleading for help.

I’d like to convince more people to give up the doomscrolling. I agree wholeheartedly with Mehek Kapoor, who argues that Medium’s “top writers” have gone full-blown dystopia while a lot of good things are happening in the world. It takes effort to find “good” news, but it’s worth it. The recurring feature you’re reading now will make that effort. Yes, even this week, where you’ll see some entertaining stories but no mention of the monkeypox hysteria.

But I can’t imagine anyone with a heart and a brain going through this week unscathed.

We can only hope that this, along with the Supreme Court’s upcoming decision, will be enough to get people to the polls. Inflation will get better, and it’s a global phenomenon. Gun violence is, at least within supposedly functional countries, a uniquely American phenomenon, and the people who refuse to address it are almost unanimously contained to one party.



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