This is what you're worried about.


While the other major political party in a government that's rigged to protect the two major political parties is still defending someone who took classified info, possibly including nuclear secrets, with him like it was a souvenir.

And the same party doesn't care about punishing people who stormed the Capitol trying to hang a vice president who, for all his other faults, knew his role in certifying an election.

And the same party isn't voting for *anything* that would address climate change. Not even the "reasonable Republicans" from Massachu--, I mean, Utah, Alaska and Maine.

And we still have a war in Ukraine. Inflation is leveling out, but it's still eating away at any wage increases and making it harder for people to pay rent and eat. COVID still isn't completely vanquished, and we're proving to be not quite as good as African nations in dealing with monkeypox.

Instead, you're worried that the Democrats, knowing they may only have Congress for another few months, aren't quite Bernie enough.

This is what you're worried about.




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Beau Dure

Author of sports books, slayer of false narratives, player of music